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How to fix a cracked monitor screen without replacing it?

How to fix a cracked monitor screen without replacing it


Many people are looking for solutions to fix their broken screens. We are hoping to avoid spending a lot of money on replacements because the problem is so common. You can save time and money by following the instructions in this article on How to fix a cracked monitor screen without replacing it?

We will examine numerous techniques you can try at home as a temporary cure. So let’s get started and restore the fresh appearance of your monitor screen!

Assessing the Severity of the Crack:

Assess if the screen crack is minor or warrants complete replacement due to potential structural damage. So, How to fix a cracked monitor screen without replacing it? 

  • Look for any more indications of damage, such as dark blotches or flickering pixels. These may be signs that the screen has internal damage due to the break and may not be repairable without replacement.
  • To determine whether there is any give or movement, try lightly pressing on the region surrounding the crack. If the screen feels weak or wobbly, it means the crack caused structural damage, and needs a replacement.
  • Before doing any repairs, it’s crucial to determine the extent of the crack. If you attempt to repair a crack that needs replacement, you risk doing more harm than good.

Things Required Fixing a Crack Screen of a Computer:

Don’t worry if your laptop’s screen is broken. It can fix without costing a bunch for a new screen.

  • You’ll need a chosen workspace. Find a place where you can comfortably use your flat and clean laptop.
  • Collect any sharp objects you may have access to, such as a knife or a needle. When it comes to removing pieces of the screen, these instruments are helpful.
  • Remember to keep a little container nearby as well. This container will keep its small components secure.
  • Finally, a thin plastic instrument, like a plastic knife, assists in removing the screen’s bezel. You can access the cracked screen by sliding the bezel over.

Applying Screen Repair Kits: A More Permanent Solution


Screen Repair Kit

The application of screen repair kits provides a more durable option to repair your cracked display. These kits include all the required tools and supplies for the repair. 

So, How to fix a cracked monitor screen without replacing it? You can save time and money using a screen repair kit instead of replacing the complete screen.

You can quickly replace your LCD panel with the help of a screen repair kit. You can remove the cracked screen by following the step-by-step instructions provided with the kit. After removing, install the new screen. This process allows you to restore your laptop’s display to its original condition.

New Screen Replacement:

Let’s now consider your options for replacing the laptop screen. How to fix a cracked monitor screen without replacing it? It’s a simple operation you can complete yourself if you have all the necessary tools.

  • It would help if you first got a new screen that is the right size for your laptop. 
  • After installing the new screen, turn off your laptop and unhook any connected power. 
  • Remove the battery as well, if you can.
  • Locate the screws holding the laptop screen together next. You can find these screws (typically 4-6) under the screen’s plastic frame. 
  • To remove them, use a screwdriver. 
  • Pull the cracked screen away from the plastic bezel once the screws have been released. 
  • Before totally unplugging the screen, look for any residual screws holding it in place.
  • Now you may insert the replacement screen into the laptop’s case
  • Making sure it’s securely fastened and aligned. 
  • After installing the screen, tighten the screws to keep it in place. 
  • Your laptop should power on and plug in to check the new screen.

DIY Solutions: Using Household Items for Temporary Fixes:


Using Adhesive Tape to Fix the Crack:

Adhesive Tape to Fix the Crack

You may fix your damaged display quickly and temporarily with adhesive tape. Acting when you spot a break in your monitor screen to stop further harm is critical. You can preserve in this way the screen’s integrity. It holds the screen together to keep the shattered pieces from spreading more problems. Place the tape along the fissure. This will stabilize the screen and stop any further problems.

Applying Toothpaste as a Quick Fix Solution:

The quick fix for your cracked laptop display is toothpaste. This everyday household object can actually assist in temporarily covering the screen cracks.

  • With a soft cloth and some water, begin by thoroughly wiping the laptop screen. 
  • Squeeze a little amount of toothpaste onto your fingertip. Apply it to the cracked regions of the screen. Rub it gently in a circular motion. The toothpaste fills in the cracks and hides them, acting as a filler.
  • Allow the toothpaste to dry on the screen for a while. Once it has dried, remove any leftover toothpaste with a clean, moist cloth. Be careful not to press or rub too forcefully, which could lead to more injury.

Using a Screen Patch Kit for a Professional Repair:

Screen Patch Kit

How to fix a cracked monitor screen without replacing it? Prepare to use a screen patch kit to restore your broken screen display. This kit includes everything to fix your cracked monitor screen without replacing it. All you have to do is the detailed directions in the package.

Use the cleaning solution and microfiber cloth to first clean the damaged area of your screen. After that, use the adhesive patch to cover the damaged area and carefully smooth out any air bubbles. The powerful and long-lasting adhesive guarantees long-lasting repair. Utilize the UV light to cure the adhesive after securing the patch. Your broken monitor screen can fix in a matter of minutes.

Trying the Heat Gun Method for Small Cracks:

The heat gun technique quickly and easily fixes tiny screen cracks.

  • You’ll need a heat gun, which is simple to get from a hardware shop or online. To prevent overheating the screen, be careful to select a heat gun with temperature settings. Start by turning on the heat gun and selecting a low or medium-heat setting.
  • For about 3-5 minutes, move the heat gun in a circular motion. Hold it about 2-3 inches away from the cracked region. After heating, allow the screen to cool naturally.
  • The heat from the gun will typically aid in the expansion of the glass and the closing of the cracks.

Utilizing a DIY Epoxy Resin Repair Kit:

Epoxy Resin Repair Kit

You may repair your broken screen display with an epoxy resin repair kit. These repair kits are intended just for mending minor screen chips and cracks.

All the supplies you require, including epoxy resin and a syringe for accurate application. To begin the repair process, thoroughly clean the broken region of the screen. Combine the epoxy resin as directed. Apply the resin to the crack cautiously using the syringe, filling it entirely. Smooth down the resin and take off any extra with a little flat object. Before putting the screen to the test, let the resin dry completely.

Exploring the Option of a Professional Screen Repair Service:

You can get professional support for your broken laptop display from a reputable screen repair service. These experts are adept at repairing all kinds of screen damage. They are equipped with the right tools and machinery.

So, How to fix a cracked monitor screen without replacing it? Therefore, hiring a professional screen repair service is definitely worthwhile.

Taking Preventive Measures to Avoid Cracked Screens:

You can lower the possibility of damaging your laptop screen by taking preventative actions.

  • You can cover your laptop with laptop bag or cover. 
  • You can also take precautions by handling your laptop gently. Avoid pressing too hard on your laptop’s screen or stacking heavy objects on top of it. 
  • Make sure nothing sharp, like a pen or a key, is between the keyboard and the screen.
  • It’s critical to keep your laptop protected when traveling. 
  • Pay attention to where you use your laptop. The temperatures or humidity should be moderate and moderate. These conditions can cause the screen to expand or contract.

These precautions will assist in preserving the longevity of your laptop screen.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I do if my monitor screen cracks right away? 

Please turn off the display and unplug it from the power supply to stop additional damage. Till it is fixed, refrain from using the monitor.

What is the severity of the crack, and how can I identify it?

Scrutinize your monitor’s screen for any apparent damage, like cracks, structural problems, or black splotches. The item may need to replace if the crack is severe.

Can I make a warranty claim for a shattered monitor screen?

The majority of warranties do not protect against accidental harm. For further information, see your warranty conditions or contact the manufacturer.

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Final Verdict:

Now we understand How to fix a cracked monitor screen without replacing it? It is possible to repair a cracked monitor screen using the appropriate methods and tools. You can decide on the best repair strategy by evaluating the severity of the crack.

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