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How to hide computer cords?


Do you ever feel as though your workstation is unkempt and unwelcoming? 

As we try to type on our keyboards, computer wires that seem they are coming out of the walls weave amongst us. As a result, we could feel disorganized and overloaded, making it challenging to handle focused and creatively or professionally effectively. 

You are not alone if this sounds similar to you. I will advise you in this blog article on How to hide computer cords? And these annoying connections make it difficult to concentrate. 

Let’s immediately find out how simple it is to conceal the clutter behind our PCs.


Planning and Preparation: Assessing the Setup

The first step to successful cord hiding is assessing the setup. Consider the size and length while arranging the computer wires around the desk and walls. This will enable you to decide what tools and materials you’ll require for your job. 

How to hide computer cords? Simply, Consider buying longer cables or using a cable management box, for instance, if several cords are in one location. The equipment and supplies you currently own should also be taken into account. 

If you have any furniture that may be utilized to conceal cords? Or can you use existing hardware, such as shelves and hooks on the wall? Once you’ve identified what you need to purchase and any existing items that can be used, it’s time to start gathering materials.


Here we have different solutions: 

  • Taming the Cable Chaos:

It’s time to get organized now that you have all the required equipment and supplies. Start by gathering all of the cords together into one area. Depending on how many computer cords you have, it might be helpful to divide them up into smaller bundles or use labels or tags to keep track of each line. 

  • Zip Tie or Cable Tie:
Zip Tie

Use wire or zip ties to keep cords organized and safe. There is no need to worry if you lack any of these materials. Use some old fabric, ribbon, Washi tape, or twine to neatly wrap the cords into bundles.

  • Cable Management Boxes: 
Cable Management Box

Cable management boxes are a perfect way to hide those pesky cords from sight. You can choose one that suits your unique arrangement because they are available in various sizes and materials. They also don’t have to be unsightly; there are many variations with lovely patterns to go with any decor.

  • Desk Grommets: 
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Another option for concealing cords is desk grommets. These are specially designed openings in your desk that allow you to hide cords and cables underneath. This is an excellent solution to avoid buying extra supplies or needing more space for a cable management box.

  • Wall Mounts: 
C:\Users\GA LAPTOP\Downloads\277f512f6af30fe8fa147b743d51d6e1.jpg

For those with a wall-mounted computer setup, wall mounts can be used to keep cords out of sight. These are usually made of metal and attached to the wall behind your monitor or TV. They provide a neat and organized way to store all your cables in one place without cluttering up the space.

  • Hiding Cords an Inviting Space:
C:\Users\GA LAPTOP\Downloads\hide-cords-behind-decor-or-plants-1000x660.jpg

Now for the fun part – hiding those cords! There are numerous alternatives depending on your available space. If you have furniture that can accommodate your computer cords, use it to conceal them out of sight. The same goes for shelves and wall hooks – these are perfect for hanging cables and keeping them away from view.

Several methods for concealing cables

  1. Furniture
  2. Rugs
  3. Sofas
  4. Table lamps
  5. Plants Pots
  6. Storage Container
  7. Under the table
  8. Behind the books
  • Using Cable Management Solutions:
C:\Users\GA LAPTOP\Downloads\51T2ptZKddL._SL500_._AC_SL500_.jpg

Investing in a cable management system is another great option for hiding cords. These products will help you organize and hide your computer wires in one convenient location. Most plans come with slots, clips, or trays so that your cords can be neatly tucked away. This creates an efficient and tidy workspace that looks much more inviting than the mess of cables.

 Different cable management solutions are

  1. Velcro strips
  2. Cable ties
  3. Cable management sleeves
  4. Nylon cable ties
  5. Hook and loop fasteners
  6. Cord covers
  7. Cable trays


  • Routing Cords along Walls and Baseboards:
C:\Users\GA LAPTOP\Downloads\FH04MAR_03233_006-1200.jpg

Routing cords along walls and baseboards is another excellent way to hide them from view. This technique works best with thinner cables like USB or HDMI cords. The wire should be taped to the wall before being rerouted around furniture or shelves until it reaches its destination. You may use wire clips or tiny hooks to secure it in place.

  • Concealing Cords in Cable Raceways:
C:\Users\GA LAPTOP\Downloads\Gb29V.jpg

Consider using a cable raceway if you have more extensive cable management needs. This is an excellent solution for concealing multiple cables in one neat pathway. Choosing a cable raceway that complements your workstation is simply because they come in various sizes and shapes.

  • The Best Bag Cable Organizer:
C:\Users\GA LAPTOP\Downloads\cableorganizers-2x1-0783.jpg

This type of product helps you organize all your computer wires in one convenient location. Cable bags come in various sizes, allowing you to find the ideal fit for your workspace. It will also bring flair to the area with its appealing patterns and colors.

  • Extension Club Cable Keepers: 
C:\Users\GA LAPTOP\Downloads\Best-Under-Desk-Cable-Management-Accessories-and-Solutions-Adhesive-Cable-Management-Clips_8dadce3c69543eb791cf840281e83aa9.jpg

If you have a lot of computer cords that need to be organized, try using an extension club or cable keepers. These handy accessories will help you store cables neat and orderly. They come with several clips, so attach them to the cords and hang them up. It’s a great way to keep lines secure and out of the way!

  • Keep cables hidden in cabinets: 

If you want a more permanent solution to your cord-hiding needs, keep them hidden in cabinets. This is especially useful for cables running around the home or office. Install shelves in your wardrobe, and then hang up the cords using plastic clips or hooks. Not only will it keep them hidden, but it will also make it easier to find them when you need them.

  • Creating DIY Cable Covers: 
C:\Users\GA LAPTOP\Downloads\SpiderJuice-Universal-DIY-Spring-Winder-Spiral-Cable-Protector-Wrap-7.jpg

Finally, why not create DIY cable covers if you’re feeling creative? It’s an excellent way to make your desk more personal. It needs some fabric, a sewing machine, a needle, and thread. A fashionable and helpful cord-hiding method involves cutting the fabric to size, sewing it into a tube, and then sliding it over the cords. Different DIYs:

  1. Shoebox
  2. Cardboard
  3. Old T-shirts or cloths
  4. Empty milk carton
  5. Plastic bag
  6. Toilet tissue roll
  7. Ribbons
  8. Old sock
  9. Clay holder
  • Wireless Solution: 
C:\Users\GA LAPTOP\Downloads\Webp.net-compress-image-4.jpg (1).jpg

Another option for eliminating cords is to switch to wireless technology. This includes using Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection instead of physical cables. It’s a simple method to improve your technology and increase productivity.

Regardless of your technique, cable concealment may improve the aesthetics and functionality of your office. The right tools and supplies can enable you to quickly create a clean and orderly space in your home. 

How to hide computer cords? The answer is simple, try new methods; you might be astonished at how much of a difference they can make.

Safety Considerations: Ensure Proper Ventilation and Fire Prevention

Computers are utilized in practically all homes and workplaces nowadays. Computers have a lot of advantages, but because of their tangled connections and cables, they may also be untidy. This may be hazardous if not adequately controlled, making your room appear disorganized and unkempt. 

To avoid any problems, it’s essential to take the time to properly hide computer cords.

When it comes to concealing computer wires, safety is a crucial concern. Your desk may seem unattractive due to the cable clutter and pose safety risks if it needs to be adequately controlled. This is especially true for laptops in busy places where cords might easily be broken or tripped over. 

Unmanaged cords can result in incorrect heat dissipation and inadequate ventilation, increasing fire risk.

Maintenance and Accessibility: 

Hiding cables can also help with maintenance and accessibility. It might be challenging to find cords when necessary if they are exposed. 

Furthermore, exposed wires may be more susceptible to wear-and-tear damage or breakage. To make it simpler to discover cables, keep them concealed and organized when needed. This will also help ensure that your cables last longer and are more accessible for future use. 

So, we have discussed the proper solution How to hide computer cords?


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):


Have you ever needed to buy specialized equipment to conceal a computer or another electrical device cabling?

Yes, in some circumstances, you might require specialized equipment to securely conceal wiring; including cable clips or zip ties. Depending on the size or cabling, you may need extra materials like paint, wallpaper, fabric, or skirting boards. All wires must be safely tied and tucked away to preserve the security and organization of your workstation.

Is it safe to hide computer cords?

Yes, hiding computer cords is generally safe if you take precautions. Make sure to keep the cords out of sight but still accessible for maintenance purposes and ensure proper ventilation and fire prevention. Additionally, be careful not to trip over any exposed or unsecured cables.

How can I make sure cords are accessible for maintenance?

To ensure cords are accessible for maintenance, keep them out of sight but easily reachable. Use clips or hooks to hang the cables and store them in cabinets. If you create DIY covers, leave enough room to access the cords. Additionally, make sure not to trip over any exposed or unsecured cables.

What is wireless technology?

Wireless technology uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi instead of physical cables. This can improve the effectiveness and performance of your gadgets and keep your workstation cleaner. If you’re searching for a quick approach to lessen cable clutter, it’s something to consider.

Do you have any tips on how to ensure the cables remain organized?

Yes, you can do a few things to ensure your cables stay organized. First, label or color-code your cords so that you’ll know what they’re for when you need them. Additionally, use cable organizers and winders to keep everything neat.

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How to hide computer cords? Hiding computer cords is essential for creating an organized workspace while preventing potential safety hazards. There are many different methods of concealing computer cords, such as cable raceways, bag cable organizers, extension club cable keepers, DIY covers, and wireless technology. Taking the time to properly conceal your cables will help you create a neat workspace while avoiding potential safety risks.

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